Tuesday, 4 July 2017

GST Software to Make Your Business Handling Easy

The Government of India has implemented the GST (Goods & Services Tax) on July 1, 2017 scrapping the earlier categorization of taxes. The new tax regime has left retailers worried about the mechanism of handling GST compliances. Helping you to deal everything related to GST in a simple and easy way, we at Indianmesh, have come up with an advanced and unique GST software with a range of exclusive features such as invoicing, auto-calculation of GST, e-filing of returns and a lot more.

This software is specifically developed focusing the new Goods and Services Tax guidelines given by the government ensuring no kind of discrepancy. It has been built on the most secure programming language Java and .NET Platform. The best part about this software is that you don’t require any technical knowledge to handle it. The operation is made easy with elementary functionality making it user-friendly software.

We have prepared a list of the most important features of the GST Software by Indianmesh. Take a look at what all you can enjoy with it.

·         Platform Independent
Available on desktop, mobile, cloud and web.

·         E-filing
Multiple options to file the return – Department model, GSP/ASP portal and GST portal.

·         Sync
Automatic synchronization of daily work.

·         Creation of Masters
No need to enter the same data again and again, saving your time and effort.

·         Invoice Upload
Upload invoices on daily, weekly or monthly basis, as per your convenience.

·         Auto Error Identification
Automatic detection of even the most complex errors.

·         Import-Export
Connectivity with renowned accounting software. Also, import and export data from Excel.

·         SMS/Email Facility
Send notifications to clients about the status of e-file return.

·         Registration
Registration of clients such regular dealers, composition dealers, practitioners etc.

·         E-payment
Instant online payment with no expertise required.

·         Advanced Security
Secured software where you can assign access to multiple users.

·         Interactive Reports
View date wise reports as per the need.

·         Backup/Restore
Protection of data from partial or total loss with automatic backup process.

·         Customised theme
Easy customization based on theme, colour and user interface.

These are some of the many features of the GST Software by Indianmesh helping you handle your business better. Conceptualized and prepared by experienced developers, designers and CA professionals, this software is a perfect blend of technology and accounting services. Catering your needs in the best way, we take care of your tax requirements helping you focus on your business’s core activities.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Startup – Who said it would be easy to start?
Heard of startup struggles? Yes, those are real. As cool as a startup sounds, as challenging it is to set one. From ideas to finances, a lot of things need to be managed. As soon as a startup is initiated, rough patches await its journey. It is that time when an entrepreneur’s strength, resiliency, and tenacity are tested to the fullest. Successful are those who brave these challenges. One such story is of Abhishek Gupta, a Harvard University alumnus who is running a well-going IT company in Chandigarh.

But success did not come easy to him. He too had his share of struggles. Grappling with adequate funds, Abhishek was obscure about the strategies he should adopt to attain the desired success. Not letting this uncertainty dwindle his determination, Abhishek kept his optimism alive. Aiming to set up a boutique IT Solutions Company, he laid the foundation stone of Indianmesh. Laying aside the inherited wealth from his father, he raised his own finances by pitching multiple investors. Upset with the initial results, he soon found an investor who was convinced with the services with which Indianmesh aimed to revolutionize the IT domain.

After delivering a few initial business development projects, the company marked the beginning of 2012 with its first in-house project “Mink Foodiee.” Catering the online food ordering sphere, Foodiee faced many difficulties from its competitors. But the Harvard experiences had taught Abhishek well how to change a challenge into an opportunity. He knew that the diverse services his business model of Foodiee featured are unbeatable by any other product. Backed with a firm resolution, Foodiee soon tapped the market it was targeting. Today, it is one of the popular online food ordering destinations among the foodies of tricity.

As the days advanced, so did the ventures of Indianmesh. A company which once encountered restraints to raise finances for itself, today, provides funding assistance to upcoming startups and freelancers. By the end of 2016, Abhishek was a proud owner of nearly 15 ventures thriving under the banner of Indianmesh. Presently, he is supervising the development of five other venture ideas his growing workforce of developers, designers, testers and more is working upon.

From meeting deadlines to motivating employees, Abhishek and Indianmesh have come a long way. Quoting his experience, Abhishek said, “It was never easy. But I knew that it wasn’t impossible either. In spite of the hurdles, I think what kept me going was my belief in me.”

Focused on the big picture always, Abhishek motivates the young entrepreneurs of today to not give up on their dreams and fight the battle. Andre Maurois, a famous French author quotes, “Business is a combination of war and sport.”

Monday, 19 June 2017

Cracking Customer Experience Code

The beginning of the year was marked with the much awaited Digital Marketing Trends Report by Econsultancy and Adobe with some exciting results to ponder upon. Asking multiple companies about the most exciting opportunity they had experienced last year, the expected answers were quite in contrast from what was revealed at the end. With social opportunities and mobile marketing scoring only 7% and 13% respectively, in terms of the best business opportunity, the customer experience topped the charts with 22% of companies favoring it as the best support for profits.

It is no surprise that the companies which employ customer experience strategies receive higher customer satisfaction rates, reduced customer churn and without any doubt, increased revenues. But to deliver appreciable customer experience, it is important to understand the factors that derive the best results. Building a quality product is one such.

Abhishek Gupta, a celebrated entrepreneur of Chandigarh who leads Indianmesh, a boutique IT Solutions Company remarked, “Customer experience owes a lot to great products. As soon as you get clear about what you are going to build, you must be able to answer the “why” part also. Unless you know why building that product is a better idea than building anything else, you won’t hit the target.”

To begin from the scratch, understanding the target market is crucial. Done with that, taking aid from product developers decides a lot about the market fate of the product. Adding to his remarks, Abhishek said, “While building a product, it is vital to employ the right talent. Besides the in-house team, work can be outsourced to freelancers as well who have the product understanding.”

The right team ensures to deliver a quality product, thus, quality customer experience.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Your guide to benefits of Best Coupon Websites

Shopping is a therapy which sets our mood right, no matter how bad our day had been. According to a research, shopaholics have fewer wrinkles in comparison to people who shop seldom. Now this is a great news to go out shopping. Oh wait a minute! Do you really need to take all the pain of dressing, driving and doing manual shopping in the scorching heat outside? Or can you just get your smart phone, surf through shopping sites and buy whatever you like – all at the comfort of your home. Well, obviously the second option sounds better.

Leaving behind the conventionalities of having to go out to shop, online shopping has emerged as a popular trend among the consumers. Modifying this innovation in the shopping sphere, a number of websites provide enticing offers and deals. In order to grab such discounts, consumers are required to avail coupons and apply the required codes. The discount percentage over such coupons varies from business to business. Most of them have an expiry date in order to attract more and more consumer traffic. As this coupon based shopping is becoming more mainstream day by day, a number of consumers feel baffled about which coupon will serve their shopping requirement the best.

To ease this worry, businesses have come up with the concept of best coupon websites, catering shopping needs of customers, specifically. For instance, mothers can search for websites offering coupons on baby products or a technology buff can look for websites providing coupons on different gadgets. Consumers can surf through unlimited coupons of different businesses registered on these best coupon websites. These websites serve as the third party service providers linking customers with businesses. The coupons are classified under different categories to give a better shopping experience to the users. Offers and deals are updated on a regular basis to provide the best to the customers.

Comparing to the manual retail shopping which costs you a lot higher without any kind of discounts, best coupon websites help you save huge bucks promising an improved shopping escapade. So set yourself on a shopping spree mode and let the best buy coupon websites fascinate you with a range of exciting offers and deals.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Features to take your breath away!

Do you love shopping deals and coupons? Are you addicted to chatting? We at Mink Chatter bring these two platforms together to create an experience like no other.  Mink Chatter is a chatting, sharing and shopping platform, connecting people and business globally. You can share stickers, GIF’s and images with your friends and express yourself while tapping into amazing deal coupons wherever you are based on your location with full details and terms of use. You can keep a track of local, nationa l and international events, book them or share with your friends and also view multiple newspapers, magazines to stay up-to-date about world news. There is a bag full of chatting and messaging apps available these days, but what is it that keeps you glued to an app and makes you hopelessly addicted to it – Maybe it’s the features, or the user friendly behavior or simply the popularity. Mink Chatter has it all! 

 Mink Chatter is an interactive feast for its users and it is also a wonderful business platform for local businesses. Business owners can upload coupons, deals and offers for everyone to see which in turn helps them in interacting with their customers in a digital way. The best part for business is that users will be able to see offers published within 50 KM range. Mink chatter users can save as many coupons as they want, for free and present them to the business or online and redeem them. Users can also gift coupons to their friends. So if you are a business owner and want to be on the top of your game, give your existing and prospective customers exciting offers and get your business Minked! There are bundles of Mink Chatter features, which will get you addicted to this application. Download it now from Google app store for free and let the magic begin.