Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Startup – Who said it would be easy to start?
Heard of startup struggles? Yes, those are real. As cool as a startup sounds, as challenging it is to set one. From ideas to finances, a lot of things need to be managed. As soon as a startup is initiated, rough patches await its journey. It is that time when an entrepreneur’s strength, resiliency, and tenacity are tested to the fullest. Successful are those who brave these challenges. One such story is of Abhishek Gupta, a Harvard University alumnus who is running a well-going IT company in Chandigarh.

But success did not come easy to him. He too had his share of struggles. Grappling with adequate funds, Abhishek was obscure about the strategies he should adopt to attain the desired success. Not letting this uncertainty dwindle his determination, Abhishek kept his optimism alive. Aiming to set up a boutique IT Solutions Company, he laid the foundation stone of Indianmesh. Laying aside the inherited wealth from his father, he raised his own finances by pitching multiple investors. Upset with the initial results, he soon found an investor who was convinced with the services with which Indianmesh aimed to revolutionize the IT domain.

After delivering a few initial business development projects, the company marked the beginning of 2012 with its first in-house project “Mink Foodiee.” Catering the online food ordering sphere, Foodiee faced many difficulties from its competitors. But the Harvard experiences had taught Abhishek well how to change a challenge into an opportunity. He knew that the diverse services his business model of Foodiee featured are unbeatable by any other product. Backed with a firm resolution, Foodiee soon tapped the market it was targeting. Today, it is one of the popular online food ordering destinations among the foodies of tricity.

As the days advanced, so did the ventures of Indianmesh. A company which once encountered restraints to raise finances for itself, today, provides funding assistance to upcoming startups and freelancers. By the end of 2016, Abhishek was a proud owner of nearly 15 ventures thriving under the banner of Indianmesh. Presently, he is supervising the development of five other venture ideas his growing workforce of developers, designers, testers and more is working upon.

From meeting deadlines to motivating employees, Abhishek and Indianmesh have come a long way. Quoting his experience, Abhishek said, “It was never easy. But I knew that it wasn’t impossible either. In spite of the hurdles, I think what kept me going was my belief in me.”

Focused on the big picture always, Abhishek motivates the young entrepreneurs of today to not give up on their dreams and fight the battle. Andre Maurois, a famous French author quotes, “Business is a combination of war and sport.”

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