Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Features to take your breath away!

Do you love shopping deals and coupons? Are you addicted to chatting? We at Mink Chatter bring these two platforms together to create an experience like no other.  Mink Chatter is a chatting, sharing and shopping platform, connecting people and business globally. You can share stickers, GIF’s and images with your friends and express yourself while tapping into amazing deal coupons wherever you are based on your location with full details and terms of use. You can keep a track of local, nationa l and international events, book them or share with your friends and also view multiple newspapers, magazines to stay up-to-date about world news. There is a bag full of chatting and messaging apps available these days, but what is it that keeps you glued to an app and makes you hopelessly addicted to it – Maybe it’s the features, or the user friendly behavior or simply the popularity. Mink Chatter has it all! 

 Mink Chatter is an interactive feast for its users and it is also a wonderful business platform for local businesses. Business owners can upload coupons, deals and offers for everyone to see which in turn helps them in interacting with their customers in a digital way. The best part for business is that users will be able to see offers published within 50 KM range. Mink chatter users can save as many coupons as they want, for free and present them to the business or online and redeem them. Users can also gift coupons to their friends. So if you are a business owner and want to be on the top of your game, give your existing and prospective customers exciting offers and get your business Minked! There are bundles of Mink Chatter features, which will get you addicted to this application. Download it now from Google app store for free and let the magic begin.

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