Tuesday, 4 July 2017

GST Software to Make Your Business Handling Easy

The Government of India has implemented the GST (Goods & Services Tax) on July 1, 2017 scrapping the earlier categorization of taxes. The new tax regime has left retailers worried about the mechanism of handling GST compliances. Helping you to deal everything related to GST in a simple and easy way, we at Indianmesh, have come up with an advanced and unique GST software with a range of exclusive features such as invoicing, auto-calculation of GST, e-filing of returns and a lot more.

This software is specifically developed focusing the new Goods and Services Tax guidelines given by the government ensuring no kind of discrepancy. It has been built on the most secure programming language Java and .NET Platform. The best part about this software is that you don’t require any technical knowledge to handle it. The operation is made easy with elementary functionality making it user-friendly software.

We have prepared a list of the most important features of the GST Software by Indianmesh. Take a look at what all you can enjoy with it.

·         Platform Independent
Available on desktop, mobile, cloud and web.

·         E-filing
Multiple options to file the return – Department model, GSP/ASP portal and GST portal.

·         Sync
Automatic synchronization of daily work.

·         Creation of Masters
No need to enter the same data again and again, saving your time and effort.

·         Invoice Upload
Upload invoices on daily, weekly or monthly basis, as per your convenience.

·         Auto Error Identification
Automatic detection of even the most complex errors.

·         Import-Export
Connectivity with renowned accounting software. Also, import and export data from Excel.

·         SMS/Email Facility
Send notifications to clients about the status of e-file return.

·         Registration
Registration of clients such regular dealers, composition dealers, practitioners etc.

·         E-payment
Instant online payment with no expertise required.

·         Advanced Security
Secured software where you can assign access to multiple users.

·         Interactive Reports
View date wise reports as per the need.

·         Backup/Restore
Protection of data from partial or total loss with automatic backup process.

·         Customised theme
Easy customization based on theme, colour and user interface.

These are some of the many features of the GST Software by Indianmesh helping you handle your business better. Conceptualized and prepared by experienced developers, designers and CA professionals, this software is a perfect blend of technology and accounting services. Catering your needs in the best way, we take care of your tax requirements helping you focus on your business’s core activities.

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